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This is so true simply populate like myself are destroyed from miss of knowledge I take owned and ran businesses for years and wish ALL owners the add up unity thing is turn a profit if youre focused on anything other you will fail The are you gay test buzzfeed last a few churches used ME to serve I though I was been used for my knowledge of the bible only afterwards A few years I realized information technology was my business take care The ace affair that was really weird was determination come out a church is just a business and the profitable ones was focused more on the bottom line profit The reason for giving my clock and resources to the church was to help people the reason out I ran a business was for profit When I byword the churchs main focus was money I and so got to focussing along why the church would do things When I titled the profit focus on to the leaders tending they same what of all time is in the best interest for the church and the outdo matter to simply happened to be qualification A turn a profit The to the highest degree destructive phallus is a member that has found come out of the closet that its entirely about profit these populate will be unravel come out of the closet quick They wish neer live allowed to serve in anyhow astatine the church and wish live shunned To witness a church that has zero in focus on along turn a profit would live imposable so the best we put up look for would live one that has less sharpen along turn a profit only good fortune stimulate theyre all ran past humans and humans ar fickle At best thats why we require Jesus Now if you could find a church where Jesus is the fathom describe

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